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We proudly introduce our new exclusive line
of four-seater electric golf carts!
This unique golf cart can be compacted down to fit in the back
of most full-size SUV'S or short-bed pickup trucks.
Take it with you wherever you go!
Golf cart only

$3,999.00 - Golf cart only

Golf cart with bimini top roof

$4,199.00 - Golf cart with bimini top roof

Golf cart with standard roof and windshield 

$4,299.00 - Golf cart with standard roof and windshield 

Available in multiple colors!

Product Specifications


Power: Single magnet DC 1,000-watt motor

LED Head Lights

Directional Signal Lights and Horn

Transmission: Direct drive through 16:1 reduction gearbox

Speed Control: Standard accelerator pedal on the left side of the floorboard

Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on the main control

Maximum Speed: Controlled from 0 to 12 mph in consideration of congested areas and terrain

Hill-Climbing Ability = 1:3 Gradient

Battery Charging: Permanent onboard charging unit underneath the front seat

Frame: MIG-welded high-tensile steel with corrosion protection

Body: Molded in polymer-reinforced plastic

Brakes: Single regenerative electromagnetic braking

Batteries: 3 heavy-duty glass-mat U1, 12-volt 35-amp/hour in series (36-volt system)

Battery charger: 10-amp, automatic cut-off when fully charged

Tires: 13" x 6.50 x 6" Tubeless - recommended air pressure at 12-15 psi

Turning Radius: 102"

Overall Length with Rear Passenger Step Plate Installed: 78"

Adjusted Overall Length for storage and transport: 58" (with floorboard extension removed)

Overall Width: 32" (including utility box)

Overall Height: 28" (with the seat back removed, steering wheel folded down, and rear passenger safety bar removed)

Load Capacity: Total 600 lbs. 400 lbs in the front seat and 200 lbs in the rear seat.

Vehicle Curb Weight: 313 lbs.


Please take note: Specifications and performance features are subject to change as we continue to improve the vehicle.

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